About us


Route1 is an online marketplace connecting lawyers and legal employers for both permanent and contract roles. We represent over 200 legal employers, including six of the top ten leading law firms. Over 8500 users have downloaded our app. We match candidates with live job vacancies based on their experience, seniority and location and other preferences, including salary.

The only legal hiring marketplace platform 

Route1 is a marketplace, not an agency. As AirBnB, Kayak and Purple Bricks have used technology to disrupt traditional agency models, we use similar methods to make legal recruitment easier, more efficient, transparent and trustworthy.  This means we cut out intermediaries and enable employers to engage all our relevant candidates directly in real time.  This enables us to hire much faster than traditional methods.

Premium content 

Our platform architecture enables us, and our clients, to direct specific legal content to candidates based on their specialty and/or region, both as general updates and as part of targeted job profiles.

The only fully GDPR compliant legal hiring solution

Removing agents from the process means no GDPR risk to our clients. Our candidates always control their own personal data, so an employer knows there is no intermediary supply chain GDPR compliance risk when they source candidates from us.

Strict quality control by an experienced team

And being run by a team including recruiters and senior lawyers, we ensure strict quality control is managed across the platform.

No conflicts

Because we never headhunt or solicit our candidates for specific roles, we don’t use information our clients give us to subsequently hire from them.

Charitable giving from every hire

One other key part of our strategy is to use part of the cost savings a platform solution affords to build charitable giving into the recruitment process.   For every associate hire we make, £1000 goes to charity, including to a charity of the hiring firm’s choice. We believe this ensures alignment of values between the candidate and the employer


We are based at the Google Campus in Shoreditch and we have big ambitions to permanently change the way people hire and get hired, both in the legal and other white collar sectors.   As the professional services sector moves to adopt more flexible working practices, we also offer consultancy services to a number of contract law providers and other non-legal professional services firms to help them acquire and manage freelance consultants who work within dispersed networks. For more information on our consultancy business, contact james@route1.co.

Route1 was founded in the UK in 2015 and is headquartered in London, with operations in the UK and Australia. Our founders and investors include experienced lawyers, digital entrepreneurs, recruitment consultants and HR professionals, as well as our law firm, Ashfords.


James Cole | Founder, Director & CEO
James has worked as a lawyer in London and New York, covering corporate transactions in the technology sector, most recently as a partner with Weil and Paul Hastings. James focuses on employer engagement, content and third party collaborations for Route1.

Kiran Chauhan | Director & CTO/COO
Kiran has an MSc in Computer Science. He has worked across several technology businesses, specialising in the creation and operation of marketplace platforms. Kiran is the key product designer for Route1 and heads our digital media strategy.

Henry Whittaker | Director & CFO
Henry has a degree in Engineering from the University of Oxford, has experience in Management Consulting and in Hedge Funds and has been working in startups for seven years. He is currently a founder and CFO of Octer, a retail data platform.

Michele Simos | Director & Head of AsiaPac Operations
Michele has worked in the U.S. as a labour and employment lawyer for Skadden and as a senior HR executive for Sony Pictures Entertainment. Michele advises Route1 on its HR and employer engagement as well as being our APAC manager.

Nick Kaufmann | NED
Nick studied Politics at the LSE and started his career at HM Treasury before leaving to work as a corporate financier, specialising in Equity Capital Markets.  He had spells with Schroders and Citigroup. Nick is on the board of a fintech startup and advised TomTom on its IPO.

Simon Minton | Advisory Board Member
Simon has been involved with start-ups and early-stage companies for over 10 years, building technology products that enable companies to get to market quickly. Simon advises Route1 on its technology strategy and third-party collaborations.

Melinda Rishkovski | Advisory Board Member
Melinda has worked as a corporate lawyer in the US, UK and Russia. She has worked in Moscow as General Counsel for Baring Vostok Capital Partners and more recently was a partner with Baker Botts. Melinda advises Route1 on fundraising and developments in the legal market.